It is no secret that physical activity is necessary to a person's well-being. Since children are continuously developing physically and emotionally, they are especially affected by the benefits of activity – and inversely, the negative effects of inactivity.

It is vital that schools provide physical education programs to ensure that each child stays active. Regular activity during the school day is strongly associated with higher concentration levels as well as more directed, composed behavior.

Physical activity contributes to improved academic performance. From a young age, children learn cooperation through group activities and form a positive sense of identity as part of a team. Such group activities are continually important as children grow older. At GD Goenka Public School we provide many opportunities for students to take part in team games or solo skills. Students of all ages and abilities are encouraged to take part in sporting activities, to learn about teamwork, fitness, and the value of sports in life.
Games and sports are important for success in every walk of our life. They teach us discipline, improve perseverance, build confidence, and instill competitiveness. Striving to win in every field can also be built around playing sports. Willingness to give an all-out effort, showing grace under pressure and ability to accept defeat when losing to a better team or a player also grows in the students. We strongly believe that to counter the increasing popularity of computers, video games, and television, physical activities should be designed to increase the children’s love for sports. Since these are extremely important for making a child healthy and physically strong, besides breaking the monotony of life, games and sports help in character building and essential life skills.

We at GD Goenka Public school Lucknow believe in the complete development of the children. Keeping this in mind the school has catered for an array of sports and games, besides other facilities. Thus, the school has partnered with excelling sports academy like Edusports that provide a technically planned syllabus to enhance various skills of the children. This provides for a greater opportunity for the young students to nurture and expertise their holistic development.

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The school is facilitated with a large playground of 80 meters across for sports such as cricket and football and all the other athletic events. Besides the playground, the school caters to separate covered hard courts for tennis, volleyball, and basketball respectively, where children practice every day in the allotted periods under the guidance of trained coaches. Training of children is strategically planned and well monitored to prepare our Goenkans to be proficient at whichever sport they take up. Regular inter-house and intraclass matches are held, creating a feeling of healthy competition amongst children. The school also has a full-sized swimming pool. Professional coaches are hired to train children from an early age. Swimming classes are integrated into the daily time table, with a special time slot in the late afternoon. For the younger children, there is a splash pool, which allows for fun activities and helps build confidence among them, who then begin to enjoy their swimming lessons.

GD Goenka Public School is the only school in Lucknow that has a shooting gallery in campus. Under able professional guidance with state of the art equipment both boys and girls are trained in this field of sports.
The school regularly hosts inter-school competition for sports like tennis, swimming, shooting, taekwondo etc. There are teams of both boys and girls who have made us proud by playing inter school tournaments in football and cricket. Regular sports classes at school create an excitement amongst children, who look forward to this time for a break from their busy academic schedule.

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The core of all the sporting activities is a set of coaches who understand the great responsibility that is placed upon their shoulders to help shape and prepare the athletes and sportsmen of tomorrow, hence bringing about a smooth transition into society. The coaches are assigned for all major sports. The school has a tie up with the local sports institute and club, which provide trained coaches for football, basket ball, volleyball, swimming, badminton, table tennis and golf. The PTIs /coaches, who form the regular school staff, are for tennis, cricket, shooting, yoga, skating and karate. Total instructors at the school are 12, of these there are 10 male and two females.

Proper planning is done in the beginning of the academic year to assign specific time slot for all sports, it is an important and integral part of an academic curriculum. This is besides the time available to the children after the school hours.

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Lawn Tennis

We have a professional tennis court, the only undercover court in U.P. We  start to train  the children with the basic coordination drill, like ball sense ,bounce  sense, air sense, roll sense and speed sense and gradually move on to racquet holding ,swings and follow through, then comes rally, after which they are ready to play matches /tournaments.

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We have three practice pitches with a proper net for a practice session. We provide proper kits and give them fielding sessions including catch practice and batting session. We organize various fitness drills to make students agile. We have a balanced School Cricket Team to participate in inter-school and state level competitions.


The School has a proper basketball court as well as moveable basket ball ring post. We train our children with basic coordination drills to improve their hands, eyes and leg coordination. Basketball is a game of agility so we especially focus on their fitness by making them do several exercises. We have a separate team for boys and girls to participate in various competitions.

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Table Tennis

We have four professional tables to play table tennis. As we know that the ball is too small to play, so a bit more focus is required to become a quality player.  We work on improving the focus of students by making them do various co-ordination drills indoors. Later we train them to perform at competition level.


The School has a green, smooth, soft and beautiful field; perfect for a seven side game. Football is a game of power, stamina, and skills, with a lot of coordination and teamwork. Initial training of students begin with ball control, then improving their passing skills. Since the game requires good stamina, we focus a lot on their strength, for which they undergo a lot of training sessions based on speed, agility, and flexibility. We have a strong team to play against different schools and participate in various competitions taking place at different levels.

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We have a clean and hygienic semi Olympic size swimming pool on our campus. Children are always very excited to go to the pool especially in summers. We provide them a safe and encouraging environment to learn swimming. Both male and female trainers with lifeguards are there for training and supervision. We have two separate changing rooms for boys and girls. We have a team of professionals to keep the pool neat and clean. We have a small splash pool as well for our cute little pre-primary students. We ensure complete supervision for the safety and security of the children. G.D. Goenka Public School helps the children with extra ordinary potential to perform well in various competitions.


We have chess as a sport in our indoor games list along with carom, and soccer table. Chess is a game of complete focus and for that, we need a calm and peaceful environment. Our Indoor Games Arena is just a perfect example for that. Children enjoy this mind game with complete concentration. We have some really good chess players who keep bringing laurels to our School.

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Deciding who is the winner and who is the loser is not the ultimate objective. Karate is the form of martial art for the development of character through training. Karate is a sport which can surmount any obstacle, tangible or intangible. GDGPS has a karate-DO (hut) for practice which is amazingly beautiful, surrounded by green creepers. Everybody knows that how important self defense is these days. So keeping that in mind we train them to be more confident in personal safety especially girls. We teach them various techniques to protect themselves in any difficult situation. We also train them to participate in competitions as well.