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From Vision To Mission – GD Goenka Public School Alumnus Spearheads ‘INAYAT’:-

To reach a destination, the journey has to begin by taking the first step; small efforts lead to big changes and with this thought in mind and spark in heart, Nandini Goel, an alumnus of GD Goenka Public School, Lucknow, initiated project ‘INAYAT’ in the year 2021. As a student, she voluntarily participated in number of community service activities and drives in support of social and environmental causes. It was during these activities that she realised that somewhere she has the penchant to go further in this field and do her bit in lending a helping hand to those in need.
The main concern was to identify the area or the section of people who come under the purview of the project ‘INAYAT’. Extensive research was done, and after months of rigorous surveying and data collection, four villages were chosen on the outskirts of Lucknow to begin with the developmental work. Nandini was well supported by her group of friends in this task, and that is how INAYAT came into existence and objectives were laid down. The NGO focuses primarily on improving the level of education, employment and healthcare in the society, with an added responsibility of protecting and conserving the environment through campaigns targeted towards slowing down climate change.
‘INAYAT’ is lead by Nandini Goel, with Tanya Jain, Mansha Jain, and Hina Naela, as some of its prominent members, and with the growing awareness about it, other students of GD Goenka School, along with students from different schools and colleges, have joined the NGO as active members. These students strongly believe that now, it is time to contribute to the society in the best possible means, lying within their capacity.
As the main focus of ‘INAYAT’ is to work towards the empowerment of villages situated in the outskirts of Lucknow, for its first campaign in the course of its operations, ‘INAYAT’ launched ‘The Rakhi Initiative’ on July 24, 2021. In this maiden campaign of ‘INAYAT’, the residents of Raipur and Radhikapur villages, mainly women, were initially trained to prepare Rakhis, and then the hand crafted rakhis are collected and sold to public. The entire sale proceeds are used for this mission to lend economic assistance to the people who have crafted the rakhis. In less than two weeks, the NGO received more than fifty orders and has sold over four hundred rakhis in 13+ cities across India. The overwhelming response motivated the members to increase the variety of the products offered, with thirty-five designs currently in stock. It is estimated that the sale would increase as the festival draws closer.
The organisation firmly believes that this campaign is a good starting point, and will pave the way for the endeavours it is planning for the future. After the ‘Rakhi Initiative’, ‘INAYAT’ members are preparing for similar activities for the upcoming festivals too.
With a view to provide employment and financial independence, the natives of these villages will be given skill based training from time to time to help them sustain their earnings and livelihood.
Next in the line are activities to create awareness about health & hygiene and basic education. We rightly believe, an action taken for a good cause always garners support from all walks of life, and this initiative of Nandini Goel, will soon turn into a big movement in the direction of elevating the socio-economic and educational standard of the desired section of the society.

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