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GD Goenka Public School organized a Transformative Session by Sister Shivani from Brahma Kumaris on Friday 15, March 2024 in the school premises. The programme was graced by various Dignitaries like MLA Shri Pankaj Singh ji, Senior IAS Officers Shri Jitendra Kumar, Shri RajendraPensiya, Shri Saurabh Babu, Shri AnujJha, Dr. Pinky Jowel, Smt Anita Bhatnagar Jain, Shri Sudhanshu Srivastava, renowned educationists, stalwarts from different fields and parents of the school. Mr. Sarvesh Goel, Chairman of GD Goenka Public School, Principal, Dr. Prerna Mitra, and COO Ms. Lalita Goel, played perfect hosts to all the invitees.

A. A spectacular Shiv Bhakti Dance presented by GD Goenka students mesmerised the audience and set the tone for the session. It was followed by a solo performance by Stuti, a member of the BhramKumari group. A formal welcome was extended by the School Chairman Mr. Sarvesh Goel for Sister Shivani.  Sister Shivani was introduced by Radha Didi, a member of her group. All dignitaries were invited on the stage and welcomed Sister Shivani by presenting her flowers. The lamp Lighting ceremony was done by the dignitaries present and the Chairman, Mr. Sarvesh Goel.

Sister Shivani often emphasizes the power of karma and its role in shaping our lives.

Our actions are the threads that weave our destinies. Each thought, word, and deed is a brushstroke on the canvas of karma. With every choice, we paint the portrait of our future. Let us remember that karma is not a punishment but a gentle guide, nudging us toward growth and evolution. Let us sow seeds of kindness, compassion, and positivity, for they shall blossom into a garden of joy and abundance. Let us embrace the wisdom that our actions create our reality, and through conscious living, let us sculpt a masterpiece of love and light. May our every step be a dance of right karma, leading us closer to the divine symphony of existence.

We must appreciate that our body is not our self. That is why we say, “my body” but not “I body”. The body is only an instrument to interact with the outside world. Taking care of the body alone is not enough. We must also take care of ourselves. The self has to be nurtured with good thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

In situations of extreme fear, words do not work. We must radiate power. That in turn demands self-care. Only if we are emotionally strong, will we have the power to charge others.

As parents, we must maintain good emotional health. Then only our children will also be emotionally strong. The child consumes energy right from the time of giving birth in the womb. So we should be good role models for our children.

We have focused on the numerator and ignored the denominator. Building resilience is the essence of self-care. Despite increasing pressure, we can almost always reduce the stress levels.

We are the creators of the response to any situation. We cannot control the external world. But the inner world is our creation. We are the creation of every thought, feeling, behaviour, and word in response to the situation.

It is an illusion that we are short of time. We think we are victims and do not have the time to do what we really want to do. We must ask ourselves: where is our time going?

Stress and worry drain our energy. Our efficiency will come down. Everything depends on our state of mind. We must give top priority to taking care of our minds. It only takes a few minutes to do so. If we do not do so, we will end up doing ourselves a lot of harm. Take the example of social media. It all began with the good intention of getting connected to others. But over time, we have started depending on it for public approval. We should not be unnecessarily influenced by what people say. Otherwise, we will become emotionally vulnerable. This applies even more to children.

If we are addicted to social media, we will end up becoming someone we are not. Content shapes our personality and determines our destiny so check the content consumption and ensure that whatever we consume is of good quality. The tech companies are doing their business well and making a lot of money. But in the process, they are shaping our destiny in ways that may not be good for us.

Simple lifestyle changes can help us a lot. When we wake up, we must not look at the phone or check email. At least for one hour, we should stay away from the phone

The key message from Sister Shivani: When we take care of ourselves, our energy levels grow, we start radiating energy and begin to influence others.

It is important but generally, we tend to pay more attention to physical than mental health. Even if our body is fit but we have an unhealthy mind, negative emotions will manifest themselves as disease in the human body. The word human being has two parts: Human which refers to the body and being which refers to the self. If we do not take care of both body and mind, we will not be healthy.

She beautifully narrated that it is time to take ownership of your emotions, without blaming anyone else for it. From stress to happiness, you are the cause and the creator of all that you experience. This emotional independence will lead to the realization that the power to heal ourselves lies within us.

The session ended with a quiet meditation and the audience left rejuvenated after the programme.

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