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GD Goenka Students  Visit Helpline Number DIAL 112:-

Students visit Helpline Number Dial 112 on Saturday, GD Goenka School management never misses an opportunity to provide hands-on experience to its students. To raise awareness about helpline number 112, the students of GD Goenka Public School, Lucknow were taken for a knowledge tour today to the Dial 112 Office.
Students were briefed about the 112- Emergency Number and how they can seek immediate assistance from Police, Fire, and Ambulance services. There are 150 people at the helpline centre, taking shifts so they can work providing the fastest possible responses and help to emergencies 24/7. The center receives more than 10,000 calls a day, 60% from rural areas and 40% from urban areas. The places in Uttar Pradesh where the highest number of calls come are the big cities like Lucknow and Kanpur.

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When a call is received at the centre, the receiving employee sorts the emergency into one of 663 types and then contacts one of the closest PVRs {Police Response Vehicles}. The PVRs are fitted with a device that allows them to send constant updates to the center. The call center also offers responses in four languages. However, due to the large number of languages all of the Uttar Pradesh center has many language volunteers. These people use the 112 apps to volunteer to help for the Helpline center.
The students from classes IX to XII were thrilled to visit the same and gathered a lot of information about the services provided by the government.

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