Banana DNA Isolation By Goenkan

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Banana DNA Isolation:

Banana DNA Isolation by Goenkan has added yet another feather in their cap. They have made Uttar Pradesh proud by successfully attempting the DNA isolation of a banana conducted by 550 students simultaneously. It was one of those eureka moments for the young scientists of GD Goenka when a representative from the Guinness Book of records declared the attempt a success. Besides, a two day’s student Engineering Model Competition SEMC 2018 was also organized by the Best CBSE School GD Goenka Public School in Lucknow.

The students of GD Goenka School here participated in the mass experiment. All students were given one banana each and they extracted the DNA of each of the bananas. Most of them extracted the DNA within one hour and one minute during the IISF. They all completed the task successfully in 90 minutes.

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