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Class 12th Computer Science Paper analysis:

Class 12th Computer Science paper analysis by Student of GD Goenka Public School, Lucknow. Students of Lucknow who appeared in CBSE class 12 computer science examination on Tuesday said that paper was moderate difficulty level.

The exam concluded smoothly. The preliminary reactions say that the paper was moderate and an average student would have found it easy to solve. Computer Science has 30 marks practical component and 70 marks theory component. The examination was conducted for the 70 marks theory component. Questions asked were a careful mix of theory and programming.

Prakhar, a student of GD Goenka Public School, Lucknow said, “Paper was of moderate difficulty level and most of the questions were straight forward. There was no surprise element.”

Yashashvi, a student of the same school found the question paper easy and of moderate level. Aryan said, “I finished the paper in two hours as the questions were from previous years’ sample papers.” Siddhartha said, “I am quite confident that I will score well.”

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