Paper Bag Day Celebrated

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Paper Bag Day, celebrated worldwide on July 12, is as an important day to promote the use of environment-friendly paper bags which serve as a sustainable alternative to harmful plastic bags. The aim is to spread awareness about using paper bags instead of plastic, to help reduce plastic pollution. To create awareness among the young Goenkans the day was observed through various activities.

Students used old newspapers and magazines to create paper bags. They then added colour and designed them artistically using dried leaves, flowers, and ribbons. The students personally visited nearby shops, met local grocery and vegetable sellers, and other vendors, and requested them to minimise the use of plastic bags and use the paper bags that they are giving them instead. They also spoke to the people they met in the shops and promoted the usage of cloth and paper bags.

Posters promoting reducing usage of plastic and its harmful effects on the environment were pasted on society notice boards and shops. Students of class 5 made PowerPoint Presentations on ‘Facts, Significance, and History of Paper Bags’. They collaborated and developed short scripts on the topic -‘Say no to plastic, Use Paper Bag’ which they presented in form of puppet shows. The motivation and willingness towards the campaign of the future
generation was admirable.

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